August 2, 2011
Fake Erectile dysfunction Medicine

V-rx male enhancementFake ED medicine is flooding the South African market. Local law enforcement has raised concerns that fake erectile dysfunction medicine is being shipped into South-Africa at an alarming rate. An ISS study on planned crime in Africa have recognized the trafficking and dealing of fake ED medicine as a big concern.
It’s been estimated by die World Health Organization (WHO) that developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America are the biggest targets. Up to 30% of all medicine is fake or counterfeit. The health systems in these countries are seen as weak which has created a sort of vacuum in the market where cheaper medicine is slipping through the cracks. Up to 60% of all medication in West Africa has been reported to be either fake or substandard. This has become quite an epidemic as there is a high demand for anti-malaria drugs and anti-infection drugs.

Erectile dysfunction Drugs

Selling fake erectile dysfunction drugs can be very lucrative as the price of medicine is going up daily. The trade of counterfeit will grow as long as pharmaceutical companies keep their prices high. In fact the profit margin for the ED drug Viagra is about 10 times than that of heroin. For counterfeiters this is heaven on earth. They use low cost ingredients or cheap substitutes or just remove vital ingredients to keep the price down and sell it the real thing. Their cheap imitation usually don’t work or off substandard which can lead to multiple health problems among men using them…even death. Even though men selling so called “Hard drugs” like heroin or Cocaine would receive prison time if they were caught trading in these illegal drugs it’s not the same with counterfeit ED medicine. They would usually end up with a fine of some sort.

Developing Countries and Erectile dysfunction Drugs

Developing countries are probably the most vulnerable for propagation of counterfeit medicines like Viagra and other ED medicines. Most legitimate drugs are very expensive which fuels poor consumers to knowingly purchase cheaper fake ED drugs for consumption.

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