July 27, 2011
Herbal help for erectile dysfunction

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Herbal supplement Maca is seen as a miracle erectile dysfunction herbal drug. Maca has the means of normalizing our hormones like estragen, testosterone and progesterone. It basically has the ability to restore our hormone levels which is known to change by aging.   Men and women that use this herbal drug have said that their libido has skyrocketed.

Origins of Herbal Maca
Maca grows in the high Andean Plateaus of Peru at altitude levels of 1400 feet above sea level.  The rich soil, cold weather and oxygen deprived area could be the reason why this herbal drug does not grow anywhere else in the same abundance. .

The popularity of Maca is growing day by day as men discover the health benefits of Maca. These benefits include overall energy, increase in fertility and sperm count, a boost in libido and sexual function.  As men start to grow older their levels of testosterone start to decline. As the levels start to go down men start to suffer from andropause or better known as male menopause. Alphamaleshop herbal supplement help increase these levels by nourishing the glands that produce testosterone which ultimately balances the hormonal levels of males.  With a higher testosterone level, your sex drive increases. Therefore is very important for males to think herbal when it comes to erectile dysfunction as it not only sort out the males sexual dysfunction issues but helps with overall health, energy and stamina.

Reproductive benefits from the Maca Herb
Various studies at Universities have concluded that Maca can increase a male’s libido and increase sperm. One study concluded that men between the ages of 20 and 40 were given maca on a daily basis. There were a 200% lift in libido and sperm count doubled with 3 months. 

Maca Side Affects
Maca is 100% natural and has no reported side effects. It’s been noted that is does not have any interaction with other known drugs.  Studies have shown that no toxicity and undesirable pharmacologic effects.  
If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or are experiencing andropause symptoms it would be wise to use herb like Maca that contains no side effects.

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