July 21, 2011
Erectile dysfunction Cure or Treatment

male-enhancementIf you are unable to obtain or sustain an erection you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction.  This will definitely lead to unsatisfactory sexual performance levels. Sex is a vital part of a marriage or relationship, so important that it can lead to a break up or divorce.
Suffers from erectile dysfunction are either not able to get an erection stiff enough for complete penetration or completing the act of sex to the satisfaction of both partners.

Erectile dysfunction is there treatment

When men are in their early twenties their testosterone levels are at highest… they usually achieve erection early in the morning which is known among men as morning glory. As men get older their testosterone levels drop so do their libido. To understand how to treat ED you need to understand how a erection becomes an erection. Blood flows into chambers inside the penis which is then retain inside a sponge inside the penis which produce a erection.

For treatment you need understand if the problem is mental or physical.

Both problems can be difficult to figure out. Mental issues can be a variety of reasons including Stress at work, fear of failure, relationship issues… the list goes on. In physical the issue can be cause by multiple issues including cardiovascular or neurological condition. Men suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure have been known to experience sexual dysfunction.
Treatment would depend on the result causes. For instance If a patient suffer from some sort of mental block when it comes to sex the doctor would advise that he seek help from a psychologist or therapist. If the problem is physical he would most probably prescribe medicine like PDE-5 blockers or Herbal Viagra.
In extreme situations doctors have prescribed medical devices like the vacuum pump or so called Cock Rings to manually keep blood in the penis. Surgery has also been noted as a last-last resort Sextoyland.co.za prescribed Natural Solutions for men suffering from erectile dysfunction that would not like to experience any of the side effects from prescription medicine.

Find your Solution

If you are suffering from ED it’s possible that you don’t actually would like to go see a doctor. You most probably hoping that this problem will go away on its own … it hardly ever does. Vist Sextoyland now and see what works for you. It does not matter what is your needs or what you like, most issues can be sorted by checking out some of our unbelievable product on our coitus toys section.