July 11, 2011
Empower yourself with a marital aid adult sex toy

imageGone are the days that sex toys are frowned upon. I see more women going into sex shops these days than shoe stores. Why? This is because more and more women are realizing that an adult marital gadget is more than just a device that can be used until she has the use of a penis. But it’s an empowering tool. With her marital sex toys she learns more about her body than any man ever can. Where you can find her “special spots” and how to get to arouse them. Therefore empowering herself she can express them with her partner and strengthen their relationship.

The myth about adult toys are only for single women is exactly that. A survey was done by a major sex toy manufacturer and is showed that, between the ages of 18 and 50, 56% of women have discovered the many joys of owning an Adult toy. Of that 56%, 81% of these women were in stable relationships. You can believe statistics or not but at the end of the day if you say ask your partner if they want to watch you have fun with your adult novelty, I guarantee 100% of them will be in the bed room before you are.

I always laugh at those close minded people that say things like “only perverted people use pleasure toys!” I just think to myself and make a private mental note on what to get them for their next birthday with a note attached saying “Enjoy!” Try a adult toy before you mock it. Then there is the myth about using a sex toy will hinder your ability to enjoy yourself with partner. This is also very untrue. Ok if you are using 15 times a day then maybe.  :)

Now when it comes to buying a adult toy always speak to your partner about it. Not only for the “what if they find it” factor but also for the “ego” factor. Every woman on earth knows that men think with their penises, and defiantly not their “brains.” The situation will more than likely go downhill from the get go but don’t worry. Men think with their penis, so, use that. Give him a mental picture of you and your new sex toys. What’s good for you might be good for him to. This opens up a whole new doorway to experimentation and openness in your relationship.

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