June 28, 2011
Adult toy revolution

fun factory toysYou may have noticed that we are currently in the sex toy revolution. A couple of years ago, the sex toy were seen as taboo among most people. If you purchased an pleasure toy, you usually were seen as an outcast. You most probably had to visit some dodgy back alley adult novelty toy store. But now the so called adult toy revolution has made its appearance in everyday life. Women and men have been getting on the act.
Statics have shown that 54% of women have either bought or seriously thinking about buying a sex toy. Men on the other hand have noted that 38% of men have bought a adult novelty items in develop countries. Studies have also noted that 60% of men have thought about buying a erotic toy like a vibrator for his female partner as a gift. A couple of years ago this would have been unheard of.

So why would you buy a vibrator or an adult toy for a guy? The question should actually be “ why would you not buy a such a toy? Every person I know would like to get the best out of their sex life. If this means that you can use a mechanical device to enhance you masturbation experience or you partner adult toy play, then so be it. Men who is looking for something more, also now have additional choices.

These surveys have also noted most women use sex toy while they masturbate while only 37% of women use a adult novelty toy during sexual intercourse. We believe that as the pleasure revolution start to gain pace, we will find that more and more men will join. Just think that the next time you go to a house party of event, that over 50% of all women in that place have a erotic pleasure toy.

The sex toy does not only improve your sexual well-being but also have an positive effect on users sexual productivity. For instance men who use these toys tend not to suffer from erectile dysfunction or low libido. Choosing that special toy for yourself can be a daunting task. You may want some advice, but generally speaking you will have to ask an expert like the team at Sextoyland for what you may want to purchase.

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