September 3, 2013
The Best Couple sex Toys

For those girls that use a battery operated boyfriend when your hubby is not around should know that sex toys can be used by both couples. Almost 50 of women that own a vibrator or massager of sorts have used the toy while perform foreplay and around 37% of couples have used the toy while having sex.

So it’s no wonder that couple sex toys have become hot property in the last 6 years. According to one study men have noted that using a vibe while engage in foreplay or having sex can increase sexual desire, increase sexual stimulation and improve orgasmic satisfaction. 
We are going to look the most orgasmic couple sex toys on the market currently.

The Lelo Tiani has a remote control and can be used any watery environment. According to the sex toy developers from Lelo this ultra-soft toy was made solely for women and men that would like to use a toy while having sex. Inserted into the vagina, stimulating both the outside and inside of the vulva and clitoral area. The man insert himself as well, the vibration of the Tiani feels amazing. This truly is a wonderful couple sex aid.

The Jimmy Jane Form 3 is another firm favorite from the renowned adult novelty company Jimmy Jane. When you look this toy you immediately think of a computer mouse. This is not a couple sex-toy per se, but according to studies done by sex therapist the male partner can use this toy while he performs oral sex on his partner or visa versa. The male can also enjoy this toy when the girl gives him oral satisfaction. She can then stimulate his scrotum by rubbing the vibe on his penis.

The Minna Life Ola was developed by sex aid masters Ola Minnalife. This toy was developed by an engineer that wanted to use a sex toy with wife but could not find any good ones. He could not find any on the market so he decided to develop one himself and so Ola was born. Contrasting to most vibes on the marketplace this adult toy has no special preset patterns or settings button. The user squeezes and strokes the small pad on top of the vibe to increase or decrease vibration and stimulation. The male should see the vibe as an extension of his arm. The man listens to his lovers’ moans and groans until he finds the best setting. You can even use the toy on your male counterpart to give him a pleasant buzz.

The Zini Deux is probably the second most famous couple sex toy ever developed. The first of course being the We Vibe 2, Zini Deux splits in to two vibes, one for clitoral stimulation and the other to cup the male testicles while having sex. Each toy has a set of button that you can use to increase and decrease the intensity levels.

The design of the toy allows a woman to be stimulated on her clitoris while the male can place the toy on top of this scrotum. You don’t have to place on the scrotum but it’s a well known fact that men enjoy having their testicles hold while receiving oral sex or just perform normal foreplay.  For those that don’t know, the male testicles are truly the most sensitive part of a man’s anatomy.

August 5, 2013
Can your sex life be better

Well if you talking to your partner you would say no or maybe… When it comes to our sex lives we generally happy, but we would like to make advances if possible. According to recent studies by World renowned Adult toy shop SEXTOYLAND it was revealed that most of the study group respondents said that they would like to have more sex and a better sex life.

The study conducted admitted that about 28% needs more sex and a further 26% mentioned that they would like more lust and intimacy. About 28% of respondents said they would like try out fantasies and even role play.  The majority of the study group mentioned that they would like have sex about 3 times a week but in most cases the number is much lower. 

Most of the people in the study said that they don’t believe that their sex life start to fizzles out as the relationship grows older. Most couples also believe that sex can only get better as your relationship grows. After a while you start to understand each other’s bodies and thus sex can only be better.

Improving your sex life

To improve your sex life can sometimes be very difficult task. How exactly do you talk to your partner about improving your sex life? How to you explain to her or him that something is amiss.  These comments may be taken negatively by your partner and they may start to think that there is something terribly wrong with your relationship which of course is not good. These is why believe that when you start off the conversation that you sit her or him down first and explain to them that there is nothing wrong with your relationship as a whole but you would like to explore your sexual wellbeing. If you have this conversation in the correct manner this may be quite easy. You can start out by saying that you would like to try out a sex toy, but make sure that you start off with something that she or he will like. In the beginning try to stay away from serious hard core BDSM toys or dildo’s the size of your arm.  You don’t want to frighten them with something that’s totally against their believes. Start out with something small like a smaller vibrator from the Lelo Adult Toy range or maybe a Penis Ring. Either way it’s vitally important to make her or him understand this would help your relationship. 

Another brilliant idea is to look at adult toy shops online and ask your partner to check what they want. They usually need to acclimatise to the idea, so when they start reading reviews and product descriptions they will start to feel more relax. If you play it the correct way you can actually make them excited and even make them think it’s their idea. 

Improving your sex life will definitely improve your relationship. 

June 24, 2013
Trojan condoms the pride of the United States


When I say word Trojan condoms I immediately think about the US and of course start of certain men using extra large condoms. Trojan condoms are made in the United states since it got developed in the late 1950’s. Since then the name Trojan became a household name among users of condoms. If you were to go any pharmacy or dispensary you would find the Trojan brand within their product list. In fact in most countries you would find this brand as the first choice of condoms at the condom counter. 

Why is Trojan condoms so well known?

Basically we believe the Trojan brand became so popular for 2 distinct reasons.  Their packaging seem to attract the eye and they have been noted to have the best marketing plan in this market segment for the last 30years.  Apart from these 2 reasons, we also believe that condoms they have also target a special market segment which we will just call “well endowed men” . For this reason the brand became notorious among men. Men tend to keep a Trojan in his pocket as other men and women can see it as a status symbol.

Trojan condoms have a wide variety of condoms available. For example the supra condom was developed for men who would like to that extra sensitivity. It also are marketed as a alternative for latex condoms. The twisted Trojan condoms were developed in such a way that the condom is twisted. This design can enhance the sexual experience among both parties. The extended Trojan condoms was develop for men suffering from premature ejaculation. Its main aim for this condom is to avoid that the man orgasm to quickly.

Even though the biggest brand of condoms in the world is the durex condoms we have to note that in the US the Trojan condom is the most popular brand of condom.  In fact according to statistics men in the US buy the Trojan four times more than its closest rival…durex. Trojan have mentioned that they are in process of starting a condom advertisement scheme to countries like Great Britain and China. A country like China where you have over 1.3 billion men and women, you definitely have space for improvement.

If you are interested in buying any condoms … durex or Trojan visit our online website

March 19, 2013
Getting that extra bang from G pot stimulation

finding the spotStudies have shown that stimulating the g-spot during intercourse is a really good way to an intense orgasm. There are specially designed Adult toys to help you achieve this. There are many to choose from but the most popular with women, is the vibrator or the dildo. The can basically use anything but what you want to look for when try to achieve g spot stimulus is a thicker head and a curved shape. 

The G spot was named after a germen gynaecologist, Dr. Ernest Grafenburg. The G spot is located on the front vaginal wall, about two inches up between the cervix and the pubic bone. It is basically a cluster of nerve ending and has been described as being “spongy”. It could sometimes be difficult to locate the female G when she is not aroused. It is much easier to find when you are aroused because it hardens the more you get aroused. Some women feel like they need to urinate when the G spot is stimulated. But a clear sign of G-spot stimulus is when the women “ejaculate” a clear fluid. This is the infamous “female ejaculation.”

Some women may so that they have never ejaculated and that they can’t. This is very untrue. It is very possible and every woman can ejaculate. Some women, with practice, can ejaculate externally, better known as the squirting orgasm. Once again every woman can does this too. It is all about stimulating the G spot and finding the right technique that works for you.

Women respond differently to G-spot stimulation. Most women find this type of arousal very pleasant and find it very easy to climax. But there are that said few that don’t feel anything at all. This is why men think that the G spot is a myth. But ladies believe me it is there! You just have to find it. A way you will defiantly not find it is having intercourse in missionary position. This is because the penis is facing directly towards the back wall of the vagina. So the penis often does not “hit” the spot. The best way that you will find it is to have sexual intercourse and or using Sex Toys. For more information follow the link .

It is also possible to stimulate the G pot through anal intercourse. This is because of the fact that there are membranes that that separate the anus and the vagina. Women that have not felt G pot stimulation through vaginal sex, have often found that anal sex works best for them. But whichever you choose be sure to keep in mind that you need to be using something firm or “hard.”

March 14, 2013
Training to use your sex toy

hold out for longer

If you look at the fleshlight sex toy you immediately think how simple this toy was made. The toy is an extension of your hand but more. It’s not huge like a blow up doll, but still does the same. With the use of special real skin texture called Real skin or cyber-skin the fleshlight has become the male sex toy of the century. So you have decided to buy yourself a masturbator sleeve. Well here we will explain everything to you.

Many of these handheld simulators are called fleshlights but the word fleshlight is the name of a particular brand. The male toy is made from substance called cyberskin. So if you looking for the fleshlight on the internet you definitely would have to search for something like “cyber-skin”, “pocket pussy” or “realistic feel” .

Preparing and making use of your fleshlight adult toy

Before starting using your toy, you have to prepare your toy. Remove the sleeve from its casing. Fill the sink with warm water. Insert the sleeve into the hot water and leave for 5 min. Do not put the sleeve in boiling water or in a microwave as this will damage the product. If you want you can also insert the water based lube in warm water to warm it up.
Use the product as if it’s an extension of your hand. Of course there is multiple ways you can use the sleeve. For example you can jam the sleeve between the bed and mattress. You can then simulate doggie style. You just have used your imagination.

Cleaning your fleshlight is vitally important as not cleaning the toy can create an environment for bacteria and germs to emerge. After use run some warm water through the insides of the artificial vagina. You can use a cloth to remove any access. If you want you can use adult sex toy cleaner to sanitize the toy and get it ready for next time.
Men that tend to orgasm to quickly can use this toy to increase their stamina. If you experience premature ejaculation you can use this sex toy to bring yourself to orgasm and then instruct yourself not to ejaculate. If you do this numerous times you can increase your stimulation and enjoyment to new heights.
The Fleshlight stamina training unit was developed for this exact reason. You as the user will stimulate yourself inside the so called Love channel and then stop until you desensitized yourself. 

March 11, 2013
Extreme Kama sutra positions

imageThe Kama sutra has become one of the most popular books on the market in the last 40 years. After it gained popularity in the 60’s it has gone from strength to strength.  Even though there multiple books on the market in the same genre, the book is still considered as the training manual on sexual positions but also on general love between man and women. When buying the book you most probably looking for a book that will help to become more adventurous in their sex life

You maybe you just want to improve your sex life with your partner. 

Kama Sutra – Sexual positions

The kama sutra second chapter has hundreds of depictions of men and women having intercourse in different positions. The writer took the liberty to name each of these positions.

The waterfall position has been noted to be a difficult to try out first time. For this position to work, the lady needs to be very flexible. The man would position himself on a chair. The women would then on top him, wrapping her legs around him. He would then insert himself into her. She would then rock back and forth backwards. She should be nearly touching her head on the ground below. The man can then caress the girls breast, while she rocking upwards and downwards, this is seen by many as a very erotic sexual position. The penis will press up against the upper vagina wall which can be very pleasurable her and the male.

The Indian headstand can also be difficult to master but can be extremely erotic.  The man stands behind the women and take her from behind. She would basically do a handstand with her hands on the floor, with her feet up to his neck. She remains straight and her forehead off the floor. The only part of her body that is in contact with the floor is her hands. For this kamasutra position to be successful, the male should have allot of strength as he would have to hold her in position. Try out these position for yourself and checkout the kamasutra dvd’s on our website

March 8, 2013
Bondage Gear does not necessarily have to be scary

imageBondage gear may sound very kinky and not that well known but for the ill-informed bondage gear is more common than what most people may think.  Bondage fantasies are extremely popular among couples. In fact most couples experiment with light BDSM and bondage gear somewhere in their sex lives. Newbies usually start out using light BDSM restraints like scarfs, ropes or cuffs and if they like it, they tend to buy extra tools to enhance their sex lives.  If you really want to experience BDSM to its full extent, then we encourage you seek out the best bondage equipment available on the net. 

Levels of Bondage

Before we start we need to explain the different levels of bondage gear and BDSM. You definitely cannot start out with the hard core apparel if you are a newbie. If you start out with hard core gear you will scare your partner if he or she has no previous experience with such sex toys. When somebody explains fetish wear to an individual, they usually end up explaining the history of S & M.  There is an immediate relationship between S and M and leather bondage but this is not entirely true. Light bondage gear almost always has nothing to do with S&M.  For instance if the male partner were to tie up his female counterpart to the bed and then have sex, the couple would use bondage toys to tie her up but there would be no pain in this procedure(no S&M). So if you are not into any pain we would advise that you stay away from the more hard core BDSM toys. 

Types of BDSM Gear

Characteristically bondage gear comprise of blindfolds, gags, constraints. The whole idea with these types of fetish apparatuses is for one person to tie another person down to some sort of apparatus. The partner will then be able to perform various “acts” on his or her partner. These acts do not necessarily have to the sexual but the idea has always been to heighten sensation and amplify the experience. Many users of BDSM equipment have mentioned that bondage can increase the quantity of energy and anticipation in a sexual relationship.

Before you start to experiment with bondage gear and BDSM, you may want to talk to your partner first. It’s very important to be open to you partner on what apparatuses you will use and which may not be interested in using. You don’t want to be busy tie her up and then find out that she not into any of this. This could make the whole experience a bit embarrassing for both parties. 

Choosing your sex shop is vitally important. Some sex-shops only stock hard-core BDSM bondage gear which you may not want to purchase, while eroticism catalog include everything from soft bondage toys to the most advance BDSM tools you can think of. 

March 7, 2013
Male Sex toys Extravaganza

sleeveIf you reading his, you are most probably a male looking for some sort of sex toy that you add to your collection, if you not male you most probably a female looking for a male sex toy for your male partner or friend. Even though female sex toys have been around for years, male sex toys have now gain notability among users. There are many male toys on the market at the market. It’s never been so good to be single. Even though you may think that sex toys for males is seen as a toy for only men, we at sextoyland believe that sex toys for men does not necessarily mean only men can use it. If you want you can come and have a look. In fact there is no reason why couples cannot use it. 

Single men or married men can now use masturbator sleeves to increase their stamina in the bedroom. They will use the penis sleeve to bring themselves to orgasm and then learn themselves to release. After a while they should be able to control and enhance their orgasm.

Vacuum pump is another choice for men who would like to liven up their sex life. The device works as a compressor. It works on the basis of stimulation of the cavernous chambers inside the penis. Because of the vacuum pump, blood is forced inside the penis and thus engorged the whole penis. The more blood that enters the penis the bigger it becomes. If you want you can even place a cock ring at the base of the penis which will enable you to keep the blood inside the penis for longer. Some men have noted that they use the penis pump to enlarge their manhood. Theoretically speaking increasing blood flow inside the penis will widen the penis and thus enlarge the penis if you use the device over a long period of time. That said it has to be noted that as the user you should keep in mind that using the penis pump more than you should can cause damage to the male penis.

The artificial vagina has been around for years.  As the name suggest the artificial vagina was built to resemble a women’s genital area. In some of the newer fake vaginas you will find extra attachments like vibrator to enhance sensations. When choosing the perfect fake vagina for yourself you may be able to choose one with breast attachments or anus.
Older artificial vaginas are made from rubber but the newest version is made from substances called cyber-skin. This material is known to feel almost exactly like real skin.

March 6, 2013
Enhancing your sex life with a sex toy


After a few years some relationships become boring, even though the two parties may love each other, they do not necessarily find each other sexy anymore. When a relationship starts out, everything is exciting but after a couple of years the relationship starts to die down. Learning to use a sex toy within relationships can re build that lost sexual intimacy that you had when you just started to know each other. Sex toys come millions of different sizes and shapes and they are definitely not only for solo use. Adult toys can liven up a relationship, create new dimensions, sensations and ref up intimacy

Talk about the use of Sex toys

When you start to consider the use of a sex toy, you need to start out talking to your partner. You can talk about the benefits of adult novelty toy within a relationship. How bringing in a new toy can create a new element in your lovemaking. One of the trickiest things about a adult novelty toy is that sex toys should not totally substitute normal sexual function. It should be use as an extra alternative. Men have the tendency feel intimidated if their lady friends decide to bring a massive dildo or vibrator into the bedroom especially if the thing is twice a normal penis size. Both parties should talk about the benefit of a sex toys and how both can use the toy to enhance their sex life and intimacy levels. 

Some partners know their better half like the back of their hand and thus do not have to “talk” about the whole thing. Either party can surprise their lover with an exciting new adult toy. In most cases this method will succeed if you are sure she or he will appreciate the adult toy and generate some excitement and lost sparks.

Exploring the media to find your special adult toy

Before purchasing you toy, you should do some research on what would be best for both partners. You can go on the internet or find a booklet on the subject. If you are a guy you may want to check your memory and think about what sort of sensations your female want. Some women like clitoral stimulation more than vaginal stimulation, thus it would be important to find a toy that were built simply to enhance clitoral stimulation. Making a wise choice early may help you long way. Come visit the website or our unbelievable male adult toys enhancements

February 25, 2013
Experience Male Sextoys

male adult toyIt does not matter who you are, or what you have done. A man’s manhood is his biggest pride. Even though men don’t talk about it, they usually do not want to hear about another man’s impressive manhood or girth or sexual endurance, in particular from their partner. That said it is extremely difficult to satisfy all women out there. Some are easy but most are not. When I am unable to satisfy any women I usually feel sharp sting in my pride. Of course it’s different for men. A guy doesn’t need much help in the sex dept. A good blow job, hand job or just a sexy outfit can get a man going. That said there is nothing wrong with guy looking for that something extra. Male sex-toys provide that specific extra you as the guy may be looking for.

Men and women have been using sex toys for centuries. You and your partner can now use sex toys to intensify their relationship with the help of sex toys. A couple of years ago men did not have many choices when it came to sex toys but with recent advancement in material improvement it has become a breeze to developed new and exciting toys for men.

One of the biggest issues that plague men has to premature ejaculation. Unlike erectile dysfunction you don’t necessarily find a easy solution for this issue. This problem is very common among men and can strike anytime. The fleshlight training kit were created so men can train their mind and body. For those that don’t understand, the fleshlight main purpose is to feel like you are having sex. With this tool you can try to reach orgasm and then before you cum, you can stop and train yourself to avoid the orgasm. This will not enable you to increase your endurance but also the strength of your orgasm.

There is multiple male erotic toys that will enable you to even please the horniest of porno pin-ups. The cock is another toy for men that enhance the male sexual functions. Depending on your taste you can also try out anal toys, penis pumps or sex dolls.

Another toy that men could look into is the cock sleeve. This tool is placed around the male penis. He will then insert his penis inside of her. This extra part will then be able to extend it reach within the female body. She will then be able to feel extra sensations she has never felt before.

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